Thursday, November 3, 2011

What are "Words of the Heart"

I didn't realize that the heart could be so vulnerable  at my age.... but I guess that the body just gets older... not the heart.  Although I am content in my life,  I was devastated by an old love.  He came back into my life after 20some years, we laughed, remembered, loved and he left as he had done 20 years before. Shame on me for letting him back in.... shame on me for forgiving me a second and third and forth time... shame on me.... not him.
I hope by writing this blog, my heart will eventually mend...and my mind will hopefully stop thinking.
Maybe other women have been hurt as I have....Maybe someone can tell me how to get on with the rest of my life without him in it.... He said he would always love me and be my friend.... But where is he now?  Whose heart is he breaking? Shame on me..... There is not a day goes by that I don't think about him.... worry about him... wonder how he is doing, but I will NEVER allow him back in my life.... NEVER allow  anyone else in for that matter. If the goddess of broken hearts is out there, text me.... tell me how to forget... how to stop the tears... how to life without him.